Presentation Virtualizer

“Virtual reality learning service for practicing presentations in front of a virtually presented audience”

As UX Designer / Game Designer

I was working as a main designer and UX designer in a Presentation Virtualizer software project with our team. The prototype for Presentation Virtualizer was created with Unity for HTC Vive and utilizing Leap Motion.

With the Presentation Virtualizer service, the users can upload their presentations to the system, and practice their presentation skills in virtual reality environment through gaze, gesture and audio inputs.

The service includes a virtual tutor giving user advice about user`s eye contact, remaining time and pace of speech. The service can be used in educational purposes together with a teacher or a presentation trainer, who can control the reactions of a tutor by using keyboard commands, helping the user to focus on specific areas when having a presentation.

The service is effective tool to reduce stress towards presentations, as the user can practice presentations at her/his own pace and relax before presentations in calming virtual environments.

My responsibilities with the project were ideation of the product, designing features, UI and interactions for the prototype, creating user personas and user scenarios for the service and conducting competitor analysis. Furthermore, I conducted user tests and created test tasks for the participants to iterate the design of the system.


"A psychological story-based 2D-platformer placed in a distant universe, where you meet the memories of your past. "

As Game Designer and Narrative Designer

The game was created with Defold software during month on Game Project Course of University of Tampere, in a multidisciplinary design team. The process included designing the idea and the concept, game design, design documentation, iterative user testing and pitching the game concept for the audience.


My responsibilities with the project were game design, storytelling, level design and conducting iterative playtesting for the game. In addition, I created a brief design report for supporting the future design process of the game and presenting the concept for possible stakeholders.


Friendly Zombie

"Due to experiment that went horribly wrong, you wake up as a misunderstood friendly zombie. Survive the brutal humans in a post-apocalyptic world in this top-down survival-puzzle experience combined with exploration and stealth elements."

As Game Designer and Narrative Designer

The game was created with Unity as a part of the ITIA9 Game Project coursework. The process included ideation and designing of the game, organizing iterative playtesting and pitching the game for the audiences.


My responsibilities with the project were lead narrative and game design, organizing iterative playtesting and creating collectable background-story newspapers for the game.  


"Become the next music sensation in Fame - A music trivia board game with a twist!"

As Game Designer

The game was created as a part of ITIA9 Game Project coursework. The process included ideation and designing of the game, iterative user testing and presentations of the concept.


I did the game concept design, rule sheet, trivia cards and character tokens for the game. In addition, I conducted iterative user testing for the game.