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Choosera Mobile

As Main Designer / UX and UI Designer / Web Designer

Join the new era of Interactive Video Stories!

With the upcoming Choosera Android and iOS application, you can now change the storyline by your choices in various interactive video stories, created by the user community.​​

How about Creating an Interactive Video Story by Yourself? Creating and sharing interactive video stories with your mobile has never been easier, thanks to the fast and easy in-app story creation tool!

After user tests with wireframes, previous UI prototype and a fully functional mobile prototype version I have created, the Choosera application is currently in development and will be launched in the near future. All the features of the UI of the app have been created by myself by using Balsamiq and Protopie softwares.


Familiarize to features of the application, watch the promo vid and read more on !

Usability Evaluation of STTK's Websites for Web-Veistämö

As UX Designer / UX Reseacher

With this project done for Web-Veistämö's client STTK, the client wanted to renovate the design of their website significantly. Especially, the search functionalities, usability and information architecture needed to be improved.


I conducted an accurate usability evaluation of the STTK's website by using usability heuristics and heuristics for information architecture design.


Based on the evaluation, I wrote a usability report, including descriptions of the problems and solutions for the usability and information architecture based problems I found. Furthermore, I evaluated the responsibility of the websites on mobile and tablet use.  

Based on the usability evaluation, I found 34 usability problems. Most of them were related to difficult navigation and confusing layout of the information. Based on my findings and solutions, the development team improved the navigation by utilizing breadcrumb tails, visual design and more clear names for the sub-sites.


By utilizing my usability evaluation report, the found usability problems and the need for improvements were introduced for the customer, and the development team improved the client's website to be more user friendly.

Usability Problem_Example 2.PNG

Usability Evaluation of UrbSpotter Mobile Application

As UX Designer / UX Researcher

I conducted a usability research for UrbSpotter (a mobile shop application focusing on brick-and-mortar stores). With my usability evaluation the development team of the UrbSpotter application improved the user experience and usability of the app.


Based on the usability evaluation of the application on mobile and tablet use, I executed a usability report, including the severity of the found usability problems, descriptions of the problems with screenshots and my solutions for the problems. 

The usability problems I found were strongly disturbing the user experience of the application. These usability problems were related to visuals of the application, complicated navigation and limited search and filtering functionalities. 

With my usability evaluation, detailed usability research report and presenting the findings to the development team, the team got informed about various usability problems disturbing the user experience with the app and could fix the problems with updates.

UrbSpotter_Usability Problem 1.PNG

User-Centric Design Project for Student Desktop of Tampere3 Community

As UX Designer / UX Researcher

As University of Tampere, Technical University of Tampere and Tampere University of Applied Sciences collaborated into Tampere3 community in 2019, the students' online services for daily tasks changed to a single Tampere3 Service. 

In this project, the goal was to find out what kind of features the users wanted to see in a new service, how the users used existing services and what kind of problems the user faced in their daily tasks. 


By collecting the user research data during the project, our team's aim was to create a prototype of the new Student's Desktop service based on the most desired features and problems with the existing services.

With the collected user research data and iterations of the new service solutions, I created a prototype of the new service by using Balsamiq and Invision softwares. In addition of creating design document describing the solution, our team presented the prototype to development team of Student's Desktop.


The development team utilized our research work, design documents and prototype to create new Student's Desktop service for Tampere3 community.

Students Desktop View.png
Tampere3_User Testing.JPG

Contextual Inquiries

I observed and interviewed the students from different fields how they use the existing systems,what kind of problems they face and what are their hopes for the new service. The observation was supported by a "think-aloud" method.

Data Analysis Methods.png

Data Analysis Methods

 I utilized human-centric methods to analyze and present the user data fast and clearly, such as Interaction model, presenting the key tasks and problems based on usage of the existing services.


Sketches and Wireframes

By utilizing the user research data and ideation methods, I created sketches and wireframes of the service.

User Persona.png

User Personas

I compressed the large amount of user data to easily understandable form by creating user personas based on user surveys, interviews and observations of the users.

Vision Board.png

Vision Boards

I created vision boards focusing on the target users of the new service, users' needs, main functionalities of the product and benefits of using the product. The vision boards helped our aims and goals to stay focused during the project.

User Testing.jpg

Iterative User Testing

I conducted user testing during different design phases to improve the upcoming service. In addition, I observed and interviewed the participants about their experiences. To gain additional data, our team used user satisfaction questionnaires.

Usability Test Project for Andor Service

As UX Researcher

This usability project was focusing on Andor, a new search portal for library of University of Tampere. The client wanted to test the functionalities of the new search portal and improve its usability.


To test the functionalities of the search portal, each member of our user research team conducted a heuristic evaluation of the search portal. After going through the findings, we organized user tests in the Usability Lab of University of Tampere, to get deeper knowledge what kind of problems the users face in their daily tasks.


Our team designed 10 usability tasks, which the users were asked to complete, by using a "think-aloud" method. The tasks were based on key problems found in heuristic evaluations with the team. The moderated test situation was recorded and observed.


After the tests, our research team interviewed the users about their experience and asked participants to fill up a user satisfaction survey. Based on the research, we made a usability test report, including completions of the tasks, times gone into tasks and number of problems found.


With the user testing, our team found 21 usability problems, which disturbed and slowed down the usage of the portal, relating for example to navigation, search functionalities and getting help when needed.


With our usability test reports and presenting the findings to the development team, the development team was able to spot key problems with the service and to make the portal more user-friendly.

Andor_User Testing.jpg
Andor Problem Description.jpg
Andor Problem Picture.jpg
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