Player Referral Feature for TypeRush

As UX / Game Designer / Marketing Designer

Based on the results of earlier user research project I had done for Typing Master, they wanted me to design User Referral system and new Friends Page for their TypeRush game. In this project, I created a design for a reward system for TypeRush based on players referring the game by sending invitation links for their friends and for other players and getting in-game rewards for their actions. Furthermore, I designed placing of the player invitation buttons and message content of invites based on different player types.

I was responsible for designing the user interface of “Milestone Road” functionality showing the progressively increasing rewards based on each invited friend, who logins and starts to play the game. Furthermore, I designed the game rewards based on each invited player. I created the user interface designs by utilizing Balsamiq software and created a detailed “Referral Marketing Design Report” based my designs.


With my design report and user interface wireframes, the team was able to create a new Friends page for their game and new User Referral System with exciting rewards, helping to gain new players for TypeRush.

TypeRush_Referral Marketing View.jpg

Value proposal -Based App Concept For HappyorNot

As Marketing Designer / UX Designer

In this project, conducted during the Leadership and Organization of Marketing course in University of Tampere, our team created a value proposition for HappyorNot company, and a marketing plan based on the new value proposition.


The main focus of the project was to motivate the customers in HappyorNot’s companies to give more detailed and active feedback. To support this goal, I designed a new HappyorNot application concept, where the users get vouchers and rewards for the shops and restaurants, as they give more detailed feedback when vising in them.


The service utilizes GPS tracking of the customers and sends them requests to make more detailed HappyorNot reviews as they visit in restaurants or shops. In addition to marketing design, I created wireframes of a new HappyorNot application and guidelines how to measure the success of the application in the future.


Marketing Stories for UrbSpotter

As Marketing Communications Designer

I created various marketing stories, news bulletins and email campaigns when I was working on UrbSpotter brick-and-mortar application.


The example marketing story called The Summer of Urban Culture (sample) is focusing on events in Helsinki on Finnish Summer days, creating a sunny, warmly and cozy atmosphere while introducing UrbSpotter's customer partners in Helsinki, which were able to found in UrbSpotter application.

With the marketing stories and news bulletins I created, UrbSpotter was able to use targeted marketing to reach its customers.

Journalistic Content and Reviews

As Journalist / Reviewer

In addition to my UX, game design and marketing skills, I have written many game and music reviews, game articles and journalistic content for example to Aviisi and PlayLab! magazines.


Here are examples of my published writings, including an article focusing on punk scene in Tampere and on Tinneri band, who released their first album over 30 years after the band was formed. Other examples include comparing of evaluation of design in skateboarding games, article of Finnish art pop band UTU and detailed game and music reviews.