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PathStories - New Interactive Video Marketing Service

As Founder / Lead Designer / Video and Marketing Designer

Have you ever wanted to change the ending of the movie you watched? Or would you make different choices as a protagonist of the story?

Until now the watcher of Your Videos has been a passive bystander.

With my new interactive video marketing service PathStories, the watcher can interact with the videos by their choices, which changes the storyline and scenes shown for the watcher. As the watcher of the interactive video can choose in which way the story of the video will continue, the storypaths can alter significantly between different watchers, based on their own interests.

Besides, the watcher can make purchases, subscribe to email lists and utilize many other unique features inside the interactive video, which are not possible with “traditional” linear video content. From interactive ads to interactive job interviews, the usage possibilities of interactive videos are almost limitless!

In addition to interactive videos, PathStories provides interactive 360 tours, which are perfect for demonstrating your business, such as real estate, marine, restaurant or hotel services, so your upcoming your future customers can check you out before coming in?

As a special feature, info spots and actions spots can be added to your virtual 360 tour, giving additional information about your business and supporting the actions of your customer!

This means that you can utilize online reservations, forms, pictures, videos or even direct links to external purchase pages inside the 360 tour environment, created by PathStories.

Watch the video for more information, and try interactive videos soon on !

Drop a message for more details, and join the interactive future of video marketing!


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Explainer Animation Videos for Solution Compass and Cubesta

As a Marketing Specialist / Video Marketing Designer

Within various marketing and UX works, I have created informative and entertaining animation explainer videos for Solution Compass and Cubesta, presenting More IoT services, which make the daily life easier and more comfortable. My responsibilities with the videos were script and scene writing, design and creation of the videos, including designing the thumbnails for the videos.

These two examples promote two different IoT-based (Internet of Technology) More IoT services by Solution Compass, called Smart Home Watch and Smart Living Home Watch.

The first video, presents unexpensive and easily usable Smart Home Watch service, used in apartments of construction company Cubesta. With the solution, knowing the condition, such as temperature and humidity, of your home is easier than ever, anywhere and anytime you like. 


The second video presents a Smart Living Home Watch service, which uses precise movement tracking sensors, to give you quickly and easily information, if something unusual is happening in the house of your close ones. With the service, you are constantly aware of the situation and health of the people you care the most.

Check the videos for more information!

Solution Compass-Smart home watch_video_english
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