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Achievement Feature Design for TypeRush

As UX Designer / Game Designer

In this project Typing Master asked me to create Achievements System for the TypeRush game. I designed achievement tasks, achievement titles, illustrations of unlockable badges and designed rewards for the player when completing the tasks.


Furthermore, I designed UI of the Achievements view for the TypeRush game, including views of unlockable and unlocked achievements and logics behind the achievement functionalities, by using Balsamiq.

By utilizing my User Interface Wireframes, Achievement Designs and the Achievement Design Report, the team created new Achievement System and Achievement View for the TypeRush game.

Player Referral Feature for TypeRush

As UX/Game Designer / Marketing Designer

Based on the results of earlier user research project I had done for Typing Master, they wanted me to design User Referral system and new Friends Page for their TypeRush game.


In this project, I created a design for a reward system for TypeRush based on players referring the game by sending invitation links for their friends and for other players and getting in-game rewards for their actions. Furthermore, I designed placing of the player invitation buttons and message content of invites based on different player types.

I was responsible for designing the user interface of “Milestone Road” functionality showing the progressively increasing rewards based on each invited friend, who logins and starts to play the game. Furthermore, I designed the game rewards based on each invited player.


I created the user interface designs by utilizing Balsamiq software and created a detailed “Referral Marketing Design Report” based my designs.


With my design report and user interface wireframes, the team was able to create a new Friends page for their game and new User Referral System with exciting rewards for new users, helping to gain new players for TypeRush.

Heuristic Evaluation for the TypeRush game

As UX Designer / UX Researcher

Typing Master needed my comprehensive usability evaluation for their TypeRush game. Based on my heuristic usability evaluation (based on the best design principles) with the game, I found 33 different usability problems, with 3 critical and 12 severe problems.


These were related for example to lack of tutorials, getting help when needed and possibility to lose hard-earned items during the game.


With my precise usability evaluation, the team was able to spot and fix major usability problems, improving the game experience with TypeRush.

Presentation Virtualizer

“Virtual reality learning service for practicing presentations in front of a virtually presented audience”

As UX Designer / Game Designer

I was a main designer and UX designer in a Presentation Virtualizer software project with our team. The prototype for Presentation Virtualizer was created with Unity for HTC Vive and utilizing Leap Motion. 

With the Presentation Virtualizer service, the users can upload their presentations to the system, and practice their presentation skills in virtual reality environment through gaze, gesture and audio inputs. The service includes a virtual tutor giving user advice about user`s eye contact, remaining time and pace of speech.  


The service can be used in educational purposes together with a teacher or a presentation trainer, who can control the reactions of a tutor by using keyboard commands, helping the user to focus on specific areas when having a presentation.

Presentation Virtualizer is an effective tool to reduce stress towards presentations, as the user can practice presentations at her/his own pace and relax before presentations in calming virtual environments.

My responsibilities with the project were ideation of the product, designing features, UI and interactions for the prototype, creating user personas and user scenarios for the service and conducting competitor analysis.


Furthermore, I conducted user tests and created test tasks for the participants. Based on the findings with the user tests, we iterated the design of the system.

Master's Thesis Focusing on User Experience of Interactive Storytelling

As UX Reseacher

My master's thesis focused on user experience on video games, which allow the player interact with the game´s story. By using a case study game, I researched how the players experience the possibility to interact with the storyline in video games and how the design in these games could be improved.


I gathered the information by organizing playtesting, interviewing the players about their experiences with a case study game and by observing the playtesting and the gameplay.


With my research, I found many aspects, which support feeling of player's possibility to interact with the story, such as believable reactions of the non-playable characters, good usability, clear narrative definitions of the choices of the player and intuitive user interfaces.

My master's thesis was graded with a grade 4 ("very good").

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